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Tell me… does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried to learn QuickBooks before, but it feels like a totally different language.

You’re afraid to make entries because you don’t know how to correct them? 

You feel embarrassed to show your tax professional your books because you don’t want them judging you… so you procrastinate making an appointment!

You think you might be overpaying taxes (yikes), but you’re not sure because your books are a mess.

What if you could learn QuickBooks in a quick, easy, and efficient way, so you could spend less time feeling nervous about your finances and lost in your books, and instead have peace of mind knowing your books are right?

I know you’d rather…

  • Ditch the stress during tax season and confidently hand over your reports knowing every transaction is entered correctly.

  • Stop wasting your valuable time trying to figure out QuickBooks yourself and instead focus on the areas that will grow your business.

  • Just have someone tell you HOW to use QuickBooks in a way that makes sense (English, please!)

Here’s the truth:

In order for you to have the peace of mind in your business that you want — the confidence that your numbers are correct, a strategy for the future, and know exactly how your business is performing — you need to know how to use QuickBooks…

…but it DOESN’T have to be hard!

I know you’ve done your best with your accounting systems on your own. You’ve been watching YouTube videos, scouring the Internet for resources and guidance, and asking your accountant more questions than you care to count. But can I let you in on a little secret?

It’s not that you can’t learn QuickBooks. It’s just that no one has ever taken the time to show you how to make sense of it. And that’s where I come in!

Step by Step Training

Ready to LEARN QuickBooks?


Hi, I’m Candus Kampfer. I help family-owned businesses simplify QuickBooks so they can grow without sacrificing what’s important to them.

Because here’s the deal: as a mom, wife, business owner and real estate investor, I know what it’s like to be busy. I know what it’s like to need areas of my business to be simple, quick, and efficient… and managing my books is one of those areas!

Back in 2008, my husband and I took over the family business (hardwood floors/construction) and noticed very quickly that while we were working REALLY hard, we were not making the money we wanted. That’s when I sat down and looked at our QuickBooks file. The proof was in the numbers — we needed to change the way we were doing business.

With a few adjustments, we started making more money, having more time, and living the life we wanted. But we would’ve never been able to do this if we hadn’t gotten into our books, understood our reports, and checked in more often than just tax time.

As an entrepreneur, your bottom line affects not just your business, but your life, too. Which means you need a system and a process to keep tabs on what’s happening financially in your business. And I’m here to give you that system!

I’ve spent 14+ years working with hundreds of unique businesses on their QuickBooks. I’ve learned how to customize QuickBooks to your business, which is exactly what Confidence with QuickBooks is all about! And no… I’m not an accountant. Thanks to my work experience in business and entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to take that knowledge and translate it into simple steps you can understand.

I think of learning QuickBooks like building a house. The first step is a solid foundation, and then we add to that each week. By the time we are done, you’ll know what areas you need inside the system, how to use them, and why you’re using them!

So what do you say? Are you ready to become confident using QuickBooks?

“I was totally new to QB. Now I’m running our business smoothly and efficiently!  Love it!! 

I now understand how it all works, so if I don’t know how to do something, I can figure it out in a few clicks. 

Thank you so much Candus!!!!!”  –  Joy Castle

What is Confidence with QuickBooks?

Confidence with QuickBooks is a 5-week course that gives business owners and their team my step-by-step training for learning QuickBooks simply and efficiently. After working with hundreds of businesses, I’ve learned this is not a one-size-fits-all approach… which is why this program is all about learning what YOU need to set up and use QuickBooks for your business!

You’ll learn how to…

  • Navigate QuickBooks quickly and efficiently
  • Properly to set up your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
  • Identify what areas of QuickBooks you need to use for your business
  • Track every business expense accurately, so you can save money at tax time
  • Generate reports and understand how to read them
  • Customize invoices to your brand’s look and feel
  • Nix the struggle with undeposited funds
  • Make bank reconciliations a breeze  
By the end of our time together, you will… 

  • Understand bookkeeping (no degree required!)
  • Have the confidence to manage the accounting aspects of your business
  • Simplify tax time + handle tax season with no stress!
  • Know that whenever you dive into QuickBooks, you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Design a system for tracking your Income and Expenses that you know is done accurately.
  • Feel confident about pulling and reading your financial reports.
  • Be able to walk into your tax professionals office and enjoy a stress-free tax appointment.

“I knew nothing about QB when I started… now… I can move around and understand the system. 

All of your videos are extremely helpful and very well done. It simply explains things in a Non-Technical way and it was simple to understand

Your approach hit a home run… “take it easy”, “easy does it”,  “one step at a time” was exactly what I needed. 

I can’t thank you enough for the program you put together. Keep up the good work your doing… there are a lot of us out here who need you.”  –  Jim McCarthy

Here’s How It All Breaks Down

Module 1: Install & Setup 

Start with a strong FOUNDATION 🏠

Learn what you need to know before getting started with your books

Install QuickBooks and gather your required documents

Set up your bank account & credit cards properly

Module 2: Tracking Expenses 

Where Your Money is Going 💳

Learn how to track your expenses

Accounts Payable, Write Checks & Check Register

Job Costing – Great for Construction!

How to track and generate 1099’s for Independent Contractors

Credit Cards Charges and Payments

Module 3: Entering Sales

Best way to Track Your Income 💸

Learn about Invoices, Sales Receipts, Credit Memos, Statements

Track Payments, Discounts, Merchant Fees

Understand NSF/Bounced Checks 

Sales Tax: Setup, Tracking, Payments

Module 4: ✔️ and Balance System

Know you have Accurate Data 🙌🏻

How to Reconcile your Bank & Credit Card Accounts

Setting up and using Bank Feeds

Transferring $ between accounts

Petty Cash

Credit Card Rewards

Fixing Undeposited Funds

Module 5: Repors & Year End

Final piece to the puzzle 📊

Generate your Profit and Loss and learn how to read it

Year End Process to Prepared for your Tax Professional

Equity: Shareholder or Owner Money-in/out

Other Topics Covered

Customizing your invoices

Track Rental Properties and Property Management

Purchase and Sale of Assets + Loans Payments

How to properly edit and void transactions

Mastering Extra Preferences: setting up users, closing date, etc.


So tell me… are you ready to take control of your QuickBooks in a way that’s fast, efficient, and painless?









You’re ready for Confidence with QuickBooks if…

You want to feel comfortable with all areas of QuickBooks and not just know a couple things.

You’re ready to learn how to find and fix mistakes and avoid them in the future.

You realize QuickBooks is a tool to make your life easier.

You’re either just getting started and are beyond frustrated. Or you’ve used QuickBooks for years and you still feel like you’re lost!

You’re ready to walk into your CPA’s office and hand them a couple pieces of paper for tax time. NO more boxes of miscellaneous receipts!

Bookkeeping isn’t your specialty, but you want to learn more so you can manage your own books.

You’re Probably not ready for Confidence with QuickBooks if…

You’re not willing to commit to taking the time to learn and implement what I teach you.

You’re not open to learning a new way to track your income and expenses.

You aren’t willing to take responsibility for your data entry.

You want to stay frustrated and disorganized.

Wondering if you can really learn QuickBooks?

Hear from Alumni...

“QuickBooks for the new user can be intimidating. I was a mess. 

If I hadn’t joined the Mastermind I would still be navigating YouTube sea of old videos.

I feel more confident in using QuickBooks. I don’t feel clueless anymore. I feel in control of QuickBooks. You have been an answered prayer for me. 

The course does honor its name “Confidence with QuickBooks”!  –  Sam Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
The course is released over 5 weeks. After that, you will still have lifetime access to the course, Confidence with QuickBooks, and lifetime access to your Mastermind call replays. So, if you miss one of the calls or want to listen again you will be able to access the Mastermind calls months or even years down the road!
Which Version of QuickBooks are you Using?
Confidence with QuickBooks is all taught using QuickBooks Pro for desktop users. If you are a QuickBooks Online user make sure to select CWQB Online on the next screen at check out. You are welcome to join if you are using another version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks may be set up slightly different and you can still apply the overall concepts.
I want to learn about Payroll. Is this included?
Yes, I’m including my Payroll Masterclass and Year End Forms Course as a Bonus for anyone who joins Confidence with QuickBooks.
Are you a CPA or Tax Professional?
No, I learned much of my practical accounting skills while working for a multi-million dollar company and instead of taking the position as their CFO I decided to start my own QuickBooks Consulting business. Since then I’ve taught QuickBooks to hundreds of businesses around the world for over 13 years. I love to use my knowledge of accounting and entrepreneurship to design the software for your needs.
Who is this program designed for?
Bookkeepers that want to take their expertise to the next level or Businesses that want to become confident tracking their income and expenses including Consultants, Real Estate Investors, Construction companies and many more.
Is this for QuickBooks Online, Mac or Pro users?
I have 2 versions for you. One course is created using QuickBooks Pro and is designed for Desktop Users and the other one is just for QuickBooks Online users. I don’t teach the Mac version, however even though the screens may look a little different I have had Mac users enjoy the course and apply the principles. This also applies to Canadian QB users. I’ve had many Canadians go through the course and enjoy it. Even though I don’t teach some of the Canadian specific forms, most eveything still applies.
How is this different from other QuickBooks Courses?
When I was first getting started I wanted to know as much as I could, so I bought a course for around $1500.  It didn’t have any follow up Q & A, it was just a How-to instructional video training.  I struggled to get through all of it because the trainer was so boring to listen to! That’s why I did my best to make this course upbeat and interesting and give you the inspiration to keep going and make learning fun! The videos break down complex subjects into short manageable videos that guide you step by step through a proven process.
Candus why do you teach QuickBooks?
I love working with Business Owners like you and imparting my knowledge knowing it makes a difference in your life! As a business owner your business and your life are commingled. The smoother your business runs the easier your overall life experience will be. I want you to know I care about you and your business.
“Before taking the course, I was struggling with not feeling confident that I was doing things the right way. 

I would be in the same place if I hadn’t joined the Mastermind.

Now I feel more confident knowing that there are easier ways of doing what I was doing.

My biggest takeaway is understanding what the reports show.

Thank you very much for your teachings. I admire how passionate you are about QuickBooks.”  –  Juani Orta

Online Course

Ready to really understand QuickBooks? Click “GET STARTED TODAY” to Invest in your business and in yourself.


Helping small business owners like Ceci and Brad…

“I found your videos online and they showed me how to do it the right way!

It was a blessing that your class opened up at just the right time.

I really needed to file my taxes for the year before and my bill was so high because of all the wrong info I had in there, but with your information, I was able to fix most everything and cut my tax bill in 1/2 and get it paid without any penalties.

I can never Thank You enough for that!  I can also sleep again. 😊 I do not get panic attacks any more just thinking about it.  So I did get Confidence from your course. 😊

Thanks again and we wish you a Merry Christmas to your Family and a Fantastic New Year.” Ceci and Brad Leeman


I understand I will receive online access to the Members Area and if I’m not 100% satisfied, I can have a refund as long as I notify Candus within 30 days of purchase. If I stop my payments or ask for a refund I lose access to the membership areas, any calls left and our private Facebook group.

This could be you…

Has it been a while since you’ve done any bookkeeping work?

Maybe you’ve taken a class before and still feel like you need help. 

This is Mary’s story about how she understands the big picture now.

Do you feel like you’re “not good with numbers”?

Have you worried about making mistakes and having a huge bill?

Then you’ll relate to Wendy. She’s been in your shoes.

Do you have mistakes in your QuickBooks file and are unsure how to fix them? Then you’ll relate to Erin.

The more she tried to fix them, the worse it got.

This is how she fixed them for good.

Tired of trying to communicate with your Bookkeeper and CPA?

You may relate to Grace. She decided after paying thousands of dollars it was time to learn QuickBooks for herself.

Here’s her story.

Are you new to QuickBooks and feel a bit overwhelmed? You’ll relate to Rebekah. 

She felt this way after taking over the bookkeeping for her husbands construction business.


Gerri loves baking for her family-owned restaurant.

Being new to tracking the books, she realized it was time for help on this “QuickBooks Journey”.

Can you relate?

Does the idea of having to try something new in QuickBooks make you panic?

Are you so frustrated with QuickBooks that you’re thinking about quiting your job? If so, you are going to be so inspired by Lori’s story. 

Do you have the basics of QuickBooks down, but want to know more?

If you feel like you’re just “surviving” with QuickBooks and want to take your knowledge to the next level, then Shari’s story is for you.

Do you use QuickBooks for your own business, but were never trained how to do bookeeping?

Are you tired of feeling lost when entering your data? Meet Edith. She tracks the numbers for her family business

Have you taken QuickBooks classes or courses already but still don’t feel confident using QuickBooks on your own…

If so, Sheila’s story is for you!

Are you taking over the books for someone else and now you’re trying to figure out how to use QuickBooks? 

This is Lynne’s experience.

Are you trying to figure out how to use QuickBooks for your business, but aren’t sure where to begin?

You will be able to relate to Carolyn.

Have you used QuickBooks for years and wonder if you will really will learn anything?

You may relate to Elaine’s story.

She’s been using QuickBooks since 2007.  

Do you just want to become more efficient with QuickBooks for your own business?

Meet Suzette she tracks books for her family business and is now helping others with their books.

Want to take on more bookkeeping clients but you feel there are holes in your QuickBooks knowledge that are holding you back?

If so, let Carin’s story inspire you to know what’s possible.

Are you “not a bookkeeper” yet you need to learn QuickBooks.

Or maybe your company switched over to QuickBooks and you wonder is it ever possible to learn this? Meet Kelly

Did you hire a bookeeper and your books are a mess. Have you tried to fix your books, even taking Intuit classes yet you still feel lost Latoya will inspire you to know you can learn how to clean up your books. 

Do you have an accounting degree yet you feel lost in QuickBooks, even after going through the Pro Advisor Program? 

Are you ready to grow your business and feel confident? Meet Holly. 

Are you tracking your own books? Did you hire a tax professional to help you with QuickBooks and you wonder if your books are set up properly? Meet Clara. She is excited to now have everything set up right and and loves pulling her reports.
I just LOVE your Confidence with QuickBooks course and am getting so much out of it.

I tried to teach QuickBooks to myself, but the program is robust and as I experimented with it, I fell into a few traps.

Luckily, your course came along and I signed up.

I’ve had so many lightbulb moments that I think it was worth every penny.  Thank you! – Laura Needham

 Do you get frustrated reconciling and know there’s an easier way to do it?

Meet Danielle. She thought she just needed to learn a couple things and was surprised to learn so much more.

My biggest take away from this class is that I can do it. I can learn it and I can enjoy it.

I can get into my books now and feel excited that I have a much better grasp of what’s going on.

I also feel like when I get a call from my CPA with end of the year IRS questions I don’t have to feel overwhelmed because I don’t know how to find that or figure that out.

I am capable of pulling reports and figuring out what he needs. 

Thank you for your excitement and your dedication in teaching this class.” – Joy Miller

Step by Step Training

Ready to LEARN QuickBooks?

Still have questions? Chat with us on the right. Call us at 530.782.4090 or shoot me an email at